Diver Coxswain Assessment

I offer you the opportunity to join me for pre-assessment training as well as completing the actual assessment with me. I like to provide a refresher, update skills day prior to the assessment, so offer you the opportunity of a two day assessment course, day 1 being a refresher and getting familiar with my boats, and day 2 being your assessment. Alternatively, I am more than happy to assess you on your boat.

The BSAC’s Diver Coxswain Assessment recognises a high level of seamanship knowledge and boat-handling ability, including working with divers in the water.

The Diver Coxswain Assessment is open to anyone aged over 16 who has completed a BSAC Boat Handling course and has since logged a minimum of five hours boat-handling, or can demonstrate 20 hours or more of previous boat-handling experience. Boat Handling is a great way to get non-divers involved in the club, especially if they have family members that dive. No diving qualification is necessary to take part.

In the five-hour Diver Coxswain assessment you will be orally tested on your theory knowledge of boat safety equipment, what to do in an emergency, knots and rules of the road.

You will be practically assessed on your skills covering:

  • Voyage planning
  • Boat preparation and safety
  • Boat handling and manoeuvres
  • Anchoring
  • Dropping and recovering a shot line
  • Coming alongside
  • Approaching a shelving shore
  • Safe drop off and recovery of divers
  • Emergency actions including man overboard
  • Recovery onto a trailer

A Diver Coxswain is someone who is competent in:

  • Owner/driver responsibilities, boat preparation
  • Voyage planning including weather, tides and local knowledge
  • Launching and recovering a small boat
  • Handling a boat safely while conducting diving operations
  • Dropping and recovering divers safely at a dive site
  • Play an important role in dive planning and management within their club

You will be eligible to apply for the International Certificate for Operators of Pleasure Craft (ICC), it is available only to British citizens and bona fide British Residents over the age of 16 years.

  • Evidence of this age requirement may be in the form of a photocopy of a passport, birth certificate or BSAC membership number.
  • Evidence of residency for non-citizens will be required in the form of a photocopy of either a driving licence, a utility bill, a Council Tax bill or bank statement. (Further authenticated evidence of residency for non-citizens may be required.)
  • Evidence of competence: By producing a photocopy of a Diver Coxswain Award presented by any diving association which is a member of the Combined Diving Associations (CDA).
  • Categories: BSAC ICC is issued for Power vessels not exceeding 10 metres in length and for Coastal waters ONLY.  It is not issued for sailing vessels, which include power up to 10 metres nor is it issued for power vessels operating on inland waterways.
  • The certificate issued by the BSAC is valid for a period of five years

To book on this get in touch on 07534 387152 or drop me a message;

Rib Driving out of PorthClais West Wales

Published by Diving & Mountaineering Instructor

I am a passionate adventurer, loving being in the mountains walking, climbing, scrambling as much as I love being under the water exploring shipwrecks, mines and caverns, or in search of treasure in the depths. I am a Mountain Instructor (MIA), a Winter Mountain Leader, a Scuba Diving Instructor (BSAC, TDI, SDI, IANTD), a skipper for CAT3 waters up to 25mtr and as I’ve built this experience over time, I have written about it and published those works. In addition I am a Chartered Manager with CILT, a member of the institute of Engineering & Technology, a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Management and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. I help people fulfill their goals in the Mountains (Worldwide), Scuba Diving (Worldwide), provide location support worldwide for the media and assist with technical and safety support whenever requested. For a full picture of me please check out my linkedin profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/marklewisfinstlm

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