Cader Idris Hike

Cader Idris in Snowdonia with Mark Lewis Diving & Mountaineering Instructor

Recently I have been in North Wales working so after I finished work, I headed to Cadair Idris to walk up the mountain on my own. I decided to use the Mynydd Moel path, one that is not as popular as the other routes on the mountain.

It started at a car park near Dolgellau on the A487 (nearest postcode is LL40 2RD – Grid reference is SH753135)

I parked up and set off from the car park straight onto the mountain. Instead of following the trodden path which skirted around the hillside, I plodded directly up the slope, intersecting the path on the ridge line.

The path turned North West and followed a fence line to the top of the ridge. At this point the path crossed the fence by a sty, however as I stepped on it it was broken and it threw me over. Be aware when you use it!

The pat then continues along a grassy ridge line south west for a couple of kilometers, however this is really boggy. As I approached, I could see the sphagnum moss all along the path, and as I stepped in it, the moisture seeped into my shoes.

The route continued reaching the flanks of Gau Graig, which was a lovely, but simple scramble.

Once I’d got through the short scrambly section, I was onto the gentle undulating slope that led to the East flank of Mynydd Moel. So far I had met with no one on the route. As I crested the summit of Mynydd Moel, I expected to see people, but still no one.

I walked on across the shallow saddle and arrived on the summit of Cadair Idris. It was as I approached the summit that I saw other people. I chatted to a couple of people, which was nice. I met two guys from London who were here walking for the weekend. As such, I took some pictures for them, and they took my picture, save me a selfie.

The views were stunning all away along the walk, but from the top it was lovely.

After a short break, I headed back down the mountain by the same route.

I’d sum it up as a moderate to medium difficulty walk, it took approximately 3.5hrs round trip. A lovely walk, but slightly remote if you’re on your own.

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