Llyn Tegid North Circuit

This walk leads along the northern hills above Llyn Tegid, offering striking views of the Arenig mountain and open countryside. A 5hr walk along a stunning lake.

Go left from the Llyn Tegid leisure centre car park (Sat Nav LL23 7SR) and walk along the pavement until you see the driveway to Fron Feuno farm on the opposite side of the road.

Cross the road and follow the middle track towards Fron Feuno farm. When you reach a turn in the track, follow the footpath to the left. Follow the path through the woods, walk up the field and follow the ditch until you see a waymarker. From the waymarker follow the path to the left until you reach a stream and cross over a footbridge.

Follow the path across the field straight through the Caravan Park, until you reach a stile. Go over the stile and across the field, heading for the farm. The footpath leads to the right and around the farm.Once you have past the farm, follow the public footpath signs that lead you towards Ty’n y Rhos, follow the signs that direct you over the open country.

Cross the openland, aiming for the pine trees. After passing the trees, follow the path until you reach a country road. Follow the road to the left and take the second footpath on the right. Follow the footpath across the field, leading towards the farm, go straight ahead along the track and across the field towards another farm. Follow the track towards the road. From the road, the walk follows a track towards woodland. When you reach a bend in the track, veer to the left off the track and follow the edge of the woodland. When you reach the southern tip of the woodland, follow the footpath to the right. The path will take you past the northern side of the site of an old Roman fort, Caer Gai, and then along a track towards Werglodd Wen farm. The track will fork near Werglodd Wen – follow the track to the right past the front of the farm.

From Werglodd Wen, follow the path until you join a country road on a sharp corner. Follow the road to the right and past Werglodd Ddu.

Continue along the road past a large chapel on the right. Just after the chapel, follow the path down to the left that leads along the riverbank. You will shortly reach the main road with a bridge on the right. Follow the road to the right and over the bridge. In a while you will see the sign for the railway. Catch this along the lake back to the start.

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Llyn Tegid with the Aran mountain range beyond.

Published by Mark Lewis Adventures

I am a passionate adventurer, loving being in the mountains walking, climbing, scrambling as much as I love being under the water exploring shipwrecks, mines and caverns, or in search of treasure in the depths. My real passion lies in combining mountains and water and as such you’ll often find me either in the mountains altitude diving, or in the mountains ice diving. Both exhilarating and peaceful – allowing me to regenerate the inner me, whilst pushing myself physically and mentally.

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