Table Mountain Walk

The Table Mountain is clearly visible from most places in Crickhowell. It is just to the north of the village on the eastern shoulder of the much larger Pen Cerrig-calch (701m) which dominates the northern views from the village. Table Mountain is the site of an ancient Iron Age hill fort, the earthworks for which are obvious when you get up close.

The total distance is approximately 3 miles and should take no more than 3 hours and is a Moderate walk. Wear good footwear, take waterproofs, a map and compass. In bad weather visibility can be bad.

The walk covers several steep stretches across open fields and there are 7 styles to negotiate on the way up. This walk retraces the path up, so you’ll encounter the same 7 styles on your return.

Start point is (Sat Nav: NP8 1AD) the pay and display car park to the east of the main A40 as it goes through Crickhowell.

Leave the car park through the pedestrian access on to Standard Street. Turn left down Standard St and right at the bottom. Walk passed the Bear Hotel and on passed the petrol station and then right up Llanbedr Road. Continue straight up the hill passed Ffynonanai on the left. At the junction at the top of the steepest part of Llanbedr Rd continue straight on up the lane for about approx. 250 yds.

Go through the farm gate opposite the electrical sub-station and walk up the straight track to the farm yard (The Wern). Once in the farm yard go to the top right hand corner and proceed through the gate and directly across the field in an easterly direction until you arrive at a style. Follow the path to the left, up the hill to the next style. You now have a walk up the fields towards Table Mountain.

Eventually you arrive at a copse where you climb over a style and go right and up the rough track and over a further style which takes you out on to the open hill side with a clearly marked path through the bracken. Table Mountain is ahead and to the left. Follow the path around the shoulder until you meet the path going more steeply up to the top of the hill. The top of Table Mountain is flat and slopes gently. The views are stunning.

To get back down again, simply retrace your steps.

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Published by Mark Lewis Adventures

I am a passionate adventurer, loving being in the mountains walking, climbing, scrambling as much as I love being under the water exploring shipwrecks, mines and caverns, or in search of treasure in the depths. My real passion lies in combining mountains and water and as such you’ll often find me either in the mountains altitude diving, or in the mountains ice diving. Both exhilarating and peaceful – allowing me to regenerate the inner me, whilst pushing myself physically and mentally.

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