Cneifion Arete Scramble

Cneifion Arete is a fantastic day out in Snowdonia when combined with Idwal Staircase and Continuation.

The route feels like a proper airy alpine ridge and is actually pretty confidence giving for a grade 3. It looks absolutely epic from the base in Cwm Cneifion and if you approach it from seniors ridge it looms ahead like a razor that looks untouchable. 

Once you get to the base you can easily see the way up which is from the side. The approach is pretty simple and there is a zig-zag scree path to the start. 

The first 2 pitches of Cneifion Arete are probably the hardest. The first pitch involves climbing a pretty steep face of rock and it can be slightly tricky to find really good gear placement. It’s probably easier to stick to the right as there are clearer footholds but if you want an airer start stick further left.

Once up the first face, you are then met with a rather awkward-looking chimney. After a bit of humorous squirming around trying to find the holds, it’s pretty straight forwards and you pop out above onto the ridge. 

The ridge is where it becomes epic. You can stick to the crest of the ridge for an amazing alpine ridge experience or you can stay tucked in further left where there is a path for quite a lot of the way up-but you would be missing out on the fun on that! The moves on the ridge can get a little tricky in places requiring some high leg action and sometimes teetering around on tiny footholds (which makes an ascent in winter more interesting!)

If you enjoy an airy ridge then you are sure to enjoy Cneifion Arete. You top out on the top of Y Gribin with fabulous views over Tryfan and the Glyders. For a quick descent route simply take Y Gribin ridge down to Idwal Cottage (or the A5 next to Tryfan depending on where you have parked). Alternatively, for a long day you could drop down the ridge and pop up one of the routes up Glyder Fach or go up Y Gribin and descend down Bristly Ridge (grade 1- care is needed on the descent down the gullys) or Devils Kitchen.

The description is taken from Brown Bird & Co.

If you would like to do a day scrambling with me, please get in touch on 07534 387152 or use the links below;

Cneifion Arete Scramble

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