St Brides Haven Shore Dive

St Brides Haven Shore Diving

St Brides is a fantastic shore diving location, based in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.

The ultimate everything dive – you name it, it’s there… sea fans, scallops, lobster, crab, small shark, large shark, congers that would even scare your mother! Plumose, Jewell, Trumpet, Snakelock anemones, dead men’s fingers by the acre – the biggest Cuttle fish ever, octopus and lots more.  

Sand with rock and kelp at the sides. Flatfish, Bass, Pollock, sand eels, nudibranchs, lobster, crab – and only 6 metres.

Visibility can reach up to 15mtrs here although strong northerly winds and storms can heavily reduce visibility and gully accessibility. 

For the diver seeking depth and exploration then the left hand side of the bay is for you. With a vast kelp forest and hidden gullies the keen explorer might even find them selves within “The Arch” a gully hidden deep within the kelp forest that is teaming with marine life that starts at the seabed and almost breaks the surface. 

The right hand side of the bay is shallower and offers two rather beautiful gullies.  “The Blowhole” is a u-bend style gully engulfed in kelp. The entrance is rather tight so the best way to inspect this gully is by following the kelp and descending into the gully. “The Witches Caldron” is a sunken doughnut shape with kelp surrounding the opening. Jewel anemones, strawberry anemones, crabs, lobsters, prawns and nudibranchs can be found here. 

Nearest postcode is SA62 3AJ, and the nearest public point of reference is St Bridgets Church which is in the same car park.

In order to get more dives in the beautiful Pembrokeshire waters, feel free to join our dive club called BSAC Scavenger Dive Boat Club. Also, find us on Facebook here.

Fancy a guided dive or any other diver training – then get in touch on 07534 387152 or using the links here;

A shore video of St Brides shore dive to whet your appetite.

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