CMAS 3 – Entry Level Commercial Diving Qualification.

Full face mask diver

The Health & Safety Executive in the UK layout a list of diving qualifications, including the entry-level commercial diving qualification is the CMAS3 qualification.

The work that you could potentially do with a CMAS3 is as follows;

  • Inland/Inshore Diving
  • Shellfish Diving
  • Aquarium Diving
  • Tank Diving
  • Scientific Diving
  • Archaeological Diving
  • Media Diving
  • Film Diving

I can help you achieve your CMAS3 commercial diving qualification and it can be done in blocks. The blocks are as follows;

  • Entry Level Diving Qualification
  • Intermediate Level Diving Qualification
  • Advanced Level Diving Qualification with Rescue Skills
  • CMAS3 Level Diving Qualification

In addition we do First Aid at work qualifications and O2 administrators qualification.

If you hold a diving qualification already, we can slot you into continue your training at the level that matches you.

To do this CMAS3 route from novice will take at least a four weeks of hard continuous diving. If you are interested in doing this intensive course, then please book it using the form below.

The course cost is £3300 per person – this doesn’t include any equipment but does include training for 20 days including each diver qualification as you achieve the various level.

Once you have achieved the CMAS3 you can do additional courses to develop your speciality such as research, filming, welding etc dependent on what you want to achieve.

If you wish to start your training please complete the form below;

CMAS3 Booking Form

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