Pembrokeshire Diving ¦ War Grave Wreck Dive ¦ MV Lucy Wreck ¦ 76yr old Dad doing handstands!

Pembrokeshire Diving ¦ War Grave Wreck Dive ¦ MV Lucy Wreck ¦ 76yr old Dad doing handstands! Adventures with Mark vol 24

Adventures with Mark vol 24:

What a great week!

I finally got the dive lift fixed at Robust Boats in St David’s, so that was good – great place where they are very helpful and supportive to the whole diving and fishing industry.

Once they fixed the lift I installed it back onto Scavenger with the help of my neighbour in the Marina, Edwin – he’s a legend and really handy man – thoroughly enjoy spending time with him and his lovely wife Bev.

I then had an admin day and sorted out a load of stuff. Following that my father turned 76yrs old. We spent the evening with him before having to take Joshua (my son) to Scouts.

My father recently demonstrated how to do a handstand against a wall to my 8yr old niece! He’s still so fit and active – its fab!

Then it’s been four days on the boat running Scavenger Dive Boat Club for a few of the members, lots of great diving done including a dive on the MV Lucy and on the LCG115 landing craft and war grave.

A lovely week of diving and fun.

Published by Mark Lewis Adventures

I am a passionate adventurer, loving being in the mountains walking, climbing, scrambling as much as I love being under the water exploring shipwrecks, mines and caverns, or in search of treasure in the depths. My real passion lies in combining mountains and water and as such you’ll often find me either in the mountains altitude diving, or in the mountains ice diving. Both exhilarating and peaceful – allowing me to regenerate the inner me, whilst pushing myself physically and mentally.

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