Wet Day on Scavenger Dive Boat

What a miserable day we’ve had down here, everything crawled to a snails pace as the heavens opened.

Joshua was knackered from two full days of working so I let him lay in bed this morning whilst I caught up with some admin, sorted out feedback from recent courses and processed some results etc.

Once he awoke it was pouring down with rain, so we made our way to the boat and worked in the wheelhouse.

Edwin had found a wiring diagram for the GPS and Radio to link together so that it sends our location automatically via DCS if required. I wired this up and all worked well.

Liam, my pal from Halesowen acquired me a new battery for my AED so that’s been shipped down to us.

The bilges all needed testing, so I spent a good part of the day with my head in the bilges sorting those out, replacing faulty bits and installing new bilge alarms. That was painstakingly slow, but after some help from Windjammer in the Haven, I managed to get them sorted. One new hole through the hull and hey presto we’re up and running.

We needed some more steel for the handrails around the boat, so I headed to Milford Steel Stocks and they had the steel I needed in stock and cheaper than where we’d purchased from previously, so we’ll be using them again! So much steel in one place!

Joshua spent the day passing me stuff in and out of the hull, cutting new timber front plates for the new controls, labelling everything and cleaning. Poor lads school holiday with me is a tough one, but he doesn’t complain as he likes being on the boat and can see what we’re trying to achieve so is happy to muck in and make it happen.

The boats definitely beginning to come together and looks great, but it’s all down to the team effort, for which I’m grateful.

We ended the day with a curry, now Joshua is playing on his switch and I’m catching up with invoicing and some admin stuff.

Whatever you have been doing today, I hope you’ve found it rewarding and satisfying.

Stay safe and chat soon.

If you’re interested in developing your diving skills, please get in touch with me or check out my courses.

Published by Mark Lewis Adventures

I am a passionate adventurer, loving being in the mountains walking, climbing, scrambling as much as I love being under the water exploring shipwrecks, mines and caverns, or in search of treasure in the depths. My real passion lies in combining mountains and water and as such you’ll often find me either in the mountains altitude diving, or in the mountains ice diving. Both exhilarating and peaceful – allowing me to regenerate the inner me, whilst pushing myself physically and mentally.

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