Buoyancy and Trim Workshop

Buoyancy and Trim Workshop

Today I’ve been back at Vobster Quay inland dive centre teaching a Buoyancy and trim workshop for BSAC.

The aim of the course is to help develop divers and help them achieve their best buoyancy and understand the reasons why their buoyancy may not be the best. This can be due to overweighting, finning when they shouldn’t be, air migration, and being task loaded.

What I try and do is identify issues that’d make the diver safer and more focused on dealing with the issues, then once we’ve got the basics we can build on that.

Today one of the students was 5kg overweight with their diving lead. We removed that and they felt that they were free in the water. The second dive was a huge improvement.

I was also coaching another instructor who is good but got side tracked with training aids, which in turn causes them to lose focus of the task at hand, however once we strip away the issues it’s great to suddenly see them firstly looking more comfortable, but secondly looking much better in themselves, which helps boost their skills and confidence.

The day ended with huge improvement across the board for all of us. I love days like this as they allow me to practice and hone my own buoyancy skills.

Something that I have to remind people is that it’s ok to have vertical movements in the water – we’re on open circuit diving systems so it’s natural for us to have some movement, but managing that is important as one of the reasons we focus on buoyancy is to allow us to off gas efficiently and effectively whilst ascending in the water column.

It was also lovely to catch up with Toni Norton from Purple Turtle and Robert Thomas of cave diving world, both quality instructors in their own right. Always good to compare stuff and blether about things.

This evening I’m at one of my favourite places, Tuckers Grave campsite for some live music, BBQ and a beer.

Hope you’ve had a productive and fulfilling day. Stay safe and catch up soon 😊

If you’re interested in developing your diving skills and doing the Buoyancy and Trim Workshop, please get in touch with me or check out my courses.

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