Accelerated decompression procedures course day1

Today was the first day of an ADP course that I’m running at Vobster Quay inland dive site.

The weather was miserable but we were getting wet anyway so that didn’t bother us.

We started the day talking through cylinder setup, analysing, labelling, deployment and re-stowing it. This was a good session where if we get the skills and drills correct, it helps ensure good practice and builds muscle memory as a good basis to develop into the tec world.

Following this, we did a skills dive and instead of trying to utilise a training platform in the shallowest section of the lake we headed to the wheelhouse which sits at 12mtr to its top, making an excellent platform for us to run our skills off, and much clearer visibility.

We looked at isolation and shutdown drills, out of gas scenarios, neutral buoyancy, signals, dsmb deployment, gas switches and much more. An excellent dive building on prior knowledge and developing new skills and experience.

After a surface interval, we ran a simulated deco dive to 30mtr. This was a good dive showing the students how to run a deco dive safely and putting the new skills into practice in a real dive. As part of this, we threw in a couple of scenarios to help make them think about their situation and to keep their focus.

It was good working with Jon who is working towards his ADP instructor ticket, great to see him developing and putting his skills into action by delivering sessions, really coming along well.

Very glad to get the help and support from Vobster for our training as it’s so busy, but they still go the extra mile to help and accommodate us.

Once we’d left Vobster, we headed into Midsomer Norton and the Wetherspoon there where we ran a dive planning session looking at gas planning, dive planning, redundancy plans, lost gases and talking through scenarios. An invaluable and productive session, even if it can be quite a tough subject for some. Thankfully by the end of it, everyone was happy with the process and confident in the theory and application of it.

I’m back at Tuckers Grave campsite and it feels like I’ve walked into the set of Pirates of the Caribbean! Massive fancy dress party for someone’s 50th… so I’m gatecrashing it!

Hope your Saturday is going well, have a fabulous evening and stay safe!

If you’re interested in developing your diving skills, please get in touch with me or check out my courses.

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