Diving the LCG16 and the Caroline Wrecks

Today we headed out to the war grave wreck, LCG16 landing craft. We arrived just before slacks and shotted the wreck.

We dived 35mtrs to the seabed and the shot was across a very large anchor. We followed a gully away from the anchor shortly reaching the wreck.

As I lifted over a rocky reef I was faced with the twin props, still in place and connected to the prop shaft. I swam along the wreck taking in the form of it and looking at the structure, the engines were sat on the wreck still.

It was a great dive, loads to see and take in.

I spent an hour on the dive and it was awesome.

LCGs (Landing Craft Guns) were designed for use on D-Day and in similar amphibious landings. They were converted from the LCT (Landing Craft Tank) craft by installing a new deck over the normally open tank deck, converting the space that resulted into magazines and living quarters, and mounting two 4.7 inch guns on top of the new deck. The guns of the LCGs were used on D-Day to support Allied troops as they landed. The LCGs’ shallow draft meant that they could go much closer inshore than more conventional warships.

Preparing all the specialised landing craft for D-Day took many months due to the number involved. Although the sinking of LCG15 and LCG16 took place over a year ahead of D-Day, it is quite possible that these two LCGs and their crews might have taken part in the Normandy Landings, had they not been lost. The design of LCGs was later modified to prevent the same thing from happening again.

There is a memorial to the two landing craft, LCG15 and LCG16 in Freshwater West. A link to it is here.

The second dive of the day was on the Caroline wreck which again is a great dive within Milford haven.

A lovely day out at sea with Scavenger Dive Boat.

This evening we chilled out with a friend near little haven chatting about diving and stuff.

Chicken and chips back at the van before heading to bed ready for another day of diving tomorrow.

If you’re interested in diving on the LCG16 landing craft or developing your diving skills, please get in touch with me or check out my courses.

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