A perfect day

Following yesterday’s post and the amazing support and comments, firstly thanks everyone!

Secondly today has been perfect. We love theme parks and the thrill of the rollercoaster… so our last day in Blackpool was in the pleasure beach – just having fun.

As a three, sometimes it’s difficult to split myself in half to get equal thrills on the rides with both Laura and Joshua, so we sometimes do them twice.

During the queuing it’s actually great as we end up chatting about stuff, and in normal life we don’t always get to chat much. I love listening to Joshua, hearing and seeing his perspective on stuff. So often I don’t get any words out of him, but today he’s talked quite a bit with me. So I’ve loved that!

We’re now located in Staffordshire ready for a couple of days in Alton Towers. We’ve just chilled, freshened up and had a pleasant evening together.

Hope you guys have had a great day.

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