Accelerated Deco Procedures Training

Deco Procedures

What’s the purpose of Accelerated deco procedures I hear you ask…

When diving we often can rack up underwater time, and depending on depth and duration of the dive our non-decompression limits can quickly expire leaving you with the potential to do have to do deco stops or leave the dive. This can sometimes be frustrating if you are on a good dive site with lots of interesting stuff to see. The Deco procedures training teaches you the safe and correct use of a stage cylinder, filled with a richer gas mix that will enable you to accelerate your decompression penalty than if you were using your back-gas for the deco stops. Put simply it allows you to reduce your decompression time and get you out of the water quicker.

The course is the foundation course for all technical diving courses, such as mixed gas trimix, and anything deeper will build on these skills. Kit configuration ideally should be a twinset, but it can be run with a single and a pony without any problems at all.

I run these courses on a one to one basis, (happy to do more divers at the same time, but I will run it for 1 person) through all the agencies that I work with and you can find out more about the courses here;

A video of some ADP training

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