Accelerated decompression procedures course day 2

We’ve just wrapped up our second-day diving on our BSAC accelerated decompression procedures course at Vobster quay. It’s gone very well.

This morning we did a deco dive led by one of the students, there were some navigational issues as we passed the helicopter twice, but we overcame that and it was good. Focused on shutdown and isolation drills which have improved dramatically since the course started.

Neutral buoyancy has also improved, meaning less vertical movements in the water, meaning safer ascent and more control of decompression stops. overall a good first dive.

After a surface interval, we got back in and switched out the student so that both had a chance to lead. Another good dive.

Interestingly today one of the students got a bit narced in the deep, dark and silty section of the lake. It allowed for valuable lessons about anxiety, stress and associated issues. Great to see that as we ascended, the narcosis wore off and full facilities were restored.

Yesterday I had an interesting discussion about hog looping (named after Bill Hogarth, a pioneering cave diver from the 1990s) when tec diving. Personally, I dive hog loop, and I also teach hog loop. However, within different agencies, there are different standards. BSAC currently recommend Alternative Supply on a long hose for an out of gas scenario, where the surplus hose is stored in a bungee against the cylinder. This is the current standard and as such is what we teach. BSAC is moving towards teaching hog loop and the Tec Team are in the process of modernising the training manual accordingly.

There’s nothing wrong in diving Hog loop, it’s recognised as best practice for tec diving predominately because of its simplistic approach, ease of use in an out of gas emergency, and most tec divers dive it as standard, so you’d know exactly where to go for an out of gas situation. If routed correctly it’s a low snag risk and in addition, in overhead environments such as a mine or wreck, it allows ease of gas sharing as it incorporates a long hose, really important when you can’t be side by side.

We wrapped things up with two new decompression divers ready to further their diving skills.

I’m now in Milford Haven ready to run Scavenger dive boat for some decompression procedures diving off the Pembrokeshire coast.

Hope your weekend has been great and chat soon.

If you’re interested in developing your diving skills, please get in touch with me or check out my courses.

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