Altitude Diving ¦ Diver Training ¦ First Aid ¦ Dive Boat Diving ¦ RNLI & Coastguard Helicopter

Adventures with Mark vol 27: A manic start to the week… altitude diving on Monday, neutral buoyancy, mobile phone died at 12mtr depth for some reason and suit flood on Tuesday, today suit inflator broke as we focused on a day of back finning and stage work. Two nights at Tuckers Grave campsite, and lots of fun and laughs along the way.

Then I delivered catastrophic bleed training to the leisure industry.

The week ended with a weekend on the dive boat having fun.

I wasn’t going to mention anything as it’s a private matter for the diver involved, however, having seen how the rumour mill is already running a bit rife on social media, so in simple terms this is what happened so that you can stop false accounts if you see or hear them; After a first dive on the Lucy one of the divers surfaced. Perfect profile. 6mins accelerated deco plus a safety stop. An hour later he had a slight ear ache. So missed second dive. He came in the wheelhouse to get out the elements and fell asleep. As we came back in passing Thorne island he woke and couldn’t see properly, also couldn’t stand. I called the coastguard and we were assisted by the lifeboat and helicopter… and he’s now in DDRC Plymouth with a suspected cerebral bend. He didn’t do anything wrong – and we wish him a speedy recovery.

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