Black Mountain Circuit

Fan Brycheiniog ridge overlooking the Black Mountain towards the central Beacons

What a fantastic walk I had doing the Black Mountain Circuit! One of my favourite parts of the Black Mountain in Wales. I parked at the Tafarn Y Garreg Inn, sorted my kit out and headed up Fan Hir. Quite a few people were ahead of me, but as the ground steepened in the initial stages, I quickly passed them and had the mountain to myself.

I followed the ridge along for a couple of kilometres. I was walking along the escarpment with the 100mtr drop to my right. It was lovely. As I approached Bwlch Giedd, the ground dropped away into the Cwm, and below me, Llyn y Fan Fawr nestled.

I continued on reaching the shelter of the stone shelter on the summit of Fan Brycheinog. I was still surprised that there was no one else around.

I enjoyed a short break before continuing on to Fan Foel. This was an easy add on.

The route then split with one route heading off to the north and another heading to Bwlch Blaen Twrch. I followed the latter, heading down into the Bwlch. It was a real wind tunnel.

The walk continued up Picws Du where I met some fell runners. They asked me to take their picture so I did, in return they took mine – but photo bombed it lol. I carried on to the top of Waun Lefrith. From here the views back along the ridge were stunning, whilst below me the deep waters of the Llyn Y Fan Fach were still.

I then decided to go off-trail and so took a bearing due south and headed off. I walked down the slope into the valley, crossed a growing river and negotiated my way through a boggy and very wet couple of kilometres before I walked onto look at the shake holes on Bwlch Y Ddeuwynt. These shake holes were next to an old quarry where two of the old quarry shelters are fenced off for safety. After this, I walked due east onto the slopes of Carreg Goch.

The views, although not high peaks around me, were stunning. I then wandered around the west flank of Carreg Goch, meandering around the shale holes, making my way around the southern slopes of Dorwen Ar Giedd, and then headed South East back towards my starting point at the Tafan Y Gerrig Inn where I enjoyed a Roast Port dinner, some ice cream and some cider – a perfect way to end a perfect day.

The walk ended up 23km, took me 5.5hrs and was glorious. It was a medium difficulty walk, and good map reading skills are a must if you go off the obvious trails.

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