Writing in my journal at Nanga Parbet in the Karakorum…

Ice Diving Training Feb 2022

Ice Diving in the UK – training courses running in Feb 2022 based out of Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands.

TDI Normoxic Trimix Diving

Mark Lewis Adventures TDI Normoxic Trimix Diver Training in the English Lake District.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!

Altitude Diving Fun Times

Today I’ve headed into the mountains with a couple of friends to do some Altitude Diving. Not the highest mountains in the world, but being in a remote location changes all the things we take for granted when we’re doing diving from a boat or at an inland dive site. I consider this type ofContinue reading “Altitude Diving Fun Times”

Wales BSAC Regional ADP Course

We’ve just finished delivering a BSAC Accelerated Decompression Procedures (ADP) course at National Diving and Activity Centre, organised by the Welsh Regional coach. Working with the region, we as a BSAC centre, delivered the course for 7 students. The weather was good, the water was warm, and the students were keen. Day1 consisted of drillsContinue reading “Wales BSAC Regional ADP Course”

Lloyd, Jack, Arturs and Nathan on FV Our Hazel

FV Our Hazel

Recently I was lucky enough to spend a day at sea onboard the Fishing Vessel Our Hazel. For me, it was about understanding how a commercial fishing vessel operates, functions and goes about its daily work in a safe and efficient manner…

Ice Diving UK

Ice Diving UK

If you’ve never tried ice diving before, then this is an amazing experience that you must try… spaces on courses in Jan & Feb 2022

Decompression Procedures Coaching

The end of three days of Decompression Procedures coaching resulted in a good long dive at Vobster Quay. People criticise using inland quarries for diving, however, in my personal experience, I believe that using an inland quarry for diver training is a great facility, allowing for controlled development in usually a controlled environment. I doContinue reading “Decompression Procedures Coaching”

Diving with a Stage

The second day at Vobster Quay has been a good one whilst we develop diving with a Stage. We started with the introduction of a decompression stage to enable the diver to accelerate their decompression penalty by using a richer oxygen mix, which in turn helps expel the Nitrogen from the body. The dive wentContinue reading “Diving with a Stage”

Twinset Coaching

Today I’ve been back at Vobster Quay diving centre running a twinset coaching course. The aim of the course is to introduce an existing twinset diver to the skills and drills of shutdowns and isolation. It’s something that I find a lot when a diver wants to develop their diving, carry more gas and stayContinue reading “Twinset Coaching”


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