Writing my journal from the base of Nanga Parbet in the Karakorum

Hodge Close Diving, and an Evening Bimble in Dalegarth Bridge Gorge

Today we’ve been in Hodge Close quarry doing rescue skills and scenarios. We ran several different scenarios including lost diver, controlled buoyant lift, diver cramps, basic life support, alternative source assents, treating DCI, recovering injured divers out of the quarry via a rope assisted climb and much more. Overall it was a great day, fullContinue reading “Hodge Close Diving, and an Evening Bimble in Dalegarth Bridge Gorge”

A perfect day

Following yesterday’s post and the amazing support and comments, firstly thanks everyone! Secondly today has been perfect. We love theme parks and the thrill of the rollercoaster… so our last day in Blackpool was in the pleasure beach – just having fun. As a three, sometimes it’s difficult to split myself in half to getContinue reading “A perfect day”


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