BSAC Decompression Procedures Done.

An early start had us assembled at Vobster ready to start our briefing by 820am. Kit check, safety briefing and everyone assembled by the water ready for our safety checks. That done and off we went.

Always start a new day with a slight refresher on new skills, which we did without issues. Interestingly, in our post dive brief last night I said to the divers to reflect on the days diving, and to reflect on the feedback I’d given them. They clearly had as improvements were obvious today and the team worked hard.

With another planning session between our dives, we smashed out two good deco dives, all within the course standards of +/- 0.5mtr vertical movement in the water. Huge well done to the guys for nailing it.

Obviously as I teach multi agency, such as BSAC, TDI and IANTD, there are variations between standards and configurations. Somebody commented that our stage configurations aren’t industry standard. So in case anyone is wondering why we’re rigged the way we are, under the BSAC standards we mount lean gases on our left and rich mixes on our right (50% and over).

That’s why when instructing I refresh myself by reading the course standards that I am teaching prior to running the course, so that I train the students to the required standards of the course.

It’s also important to note that BSAC courses don’t specify one setup is the only way to do things. On all courses I suggest ways to help divers improve configurations and streamlining if and where I can, but ultimately, divers will dive in the configurations that they choose to dive. As an instructor my job is to develop them so that when they finish a course they’re either safe and competent to move forward, or they’re equipped with relevant, realistic feedback for them to go away and prepare to try the course again.

In this case, the divers successfully displayed safe and competent skills to the required standards of the course.

Hopefully you’ve had a great day today doing stuff you enjoy doing, with the people you enjoy spending time with.

If you’re interested in developing your diving skills, please get in touch with me or check out my courses.

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