BSAC Diving Centre

As a BSAC Diving Centre I offer the full range of BSAC courses for open circuit divers. We support local BSAC clubs with centralized training and to ease their backlog of club based training and development. I work with clubs and the regions to provide the BSAC diver training syllabus and skill development courses in an intensive manner rather than through a weekly club training scheme. If you don’t see a course below that you wish to do, get in touch with me and I will help facilitate it for you.

All training will run with a minimum of 1 person on them, dates and locations to suit you. All courses exclude equipment (apart from the entry level ocean diver course), travel to sites, entry to sites and boat fees unless stated.

*These courses are taught in open circuit only and there will be a surcharge to cover the cost of the Instructors Trimix and Nitrox gases.

Course NameDurationCostBook
BSAC Ocean Diver (Including use of equipment)3 Days£450Book
BSAC Sports Diver3 Days£450Book
BSAC Dive Leader Rescue Scenarios2 Days£300Book
BSAC Dive Leader Full Course5 Days£500Book
BSAC Advanced Diver Rescue Scenarios2 Days£300Book
BSAC Advanced Diver Full Course5 Days£500Book
BSAC Twinset Course2 Days£360Book
BSAC Accelerated Decompression Procedures*2 Days£360Book
BSAC Sports Mixed Gas Course (50mtr Trimix)*3 Days£500Book
BSAC Explorer Mixed Gas Course (60mtr Trimix)*3 Days£500Book
BSAC Advanced Mixed Gas Course (100mtr Trimix)*5 Days£600Book
BSAC Diver Training Courses

Price is per person. If you need to rent equipment I charge £50 a day for full kit rental. To book any course either give me a call on 07534 387152, or drop me a message;

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