Guided learning hours: 16

Total Qualification Time: 24hrs -1 days theory – 2 days with three training dives


● Be a minimum of 18 years of age
● Hold a minimum diver grade of BSAC Sports Diver (or equivalent with a valid 35-metre depth certification)
● Be able to demonstrate a high level of proficiency in diving. In general terms, this usually entails about 60 logged dives
● Provide logged evidence demonstrating a minimum of 10 dives under different conditions in the range 30 to 35 metres
● Be a BSAC AdvancedNitroxDiver or BSAC Accelerated Decompression Procedures Diver (or equivalent).

Validity: Life

Cost: £550 incl Vat per person. (plus instructors gases)

Course Specification:

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