Can I go hillwalking and rock climbing…

Amidst many confusing-guidelines it’s important to know who to listen to.

For the mountain walking and rock climbing fraternity it’s best to heed the advice of the BMC who are the governing body in the UK for these activities.

For now, in Wales, they’re advising us to;

‘The BMC believes that if you are able to access a mountain or hill area directly from your home and that if that area is not within the closed areas of national parks, then there should not be any issues with the activity of hill-walking or low-risk climbing activities and that such individual activity falls within the guidance. Having said that, the regulations in Wales surrounding social distancing are more stringent, and exercise can only  be undertaken alone or with a member of your household. You cannot meet up with another person outside of your home for exercise in Wales and the 2m social distancing regulation is legally enforceable. Gatherings of more than two people are illegal and groups of climbers or boulderers at a climbing venue would attract attention and could involve police action.’

As such, stay safe, stay at home, unless you can access the hills and crags by walking from home, and can participate safely with other members of your own household.

Full guidance from the BMC is available here.

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