Guide To Crampons and What Their Ratings Mean

I’ve been asked recently what the different gradings mean for boots and crampons in preparation for winter, so here’s a simple guide which should help. What are Crampons used for? Crampons have been described by Cox et al. as a traction device that is attached to footwear to improve mobility on snow and ice. TheyContinue reading “Guide To Crampons and What Their Ratings Mean”

Guide to Mountaineering Boot Grades: B0, B1, B2 & B3

To help with the confusion… The widely recognised indication of a boot suitability for mountaineering disciplines is referred to as the B-rating. They rank from B0 (incompatible with crampons) to B3 (Technical mountaineering boots)…

Jacks Rake Scramble

Jack’s Rake is a popular Grade 1 scramble in the Lake District – but it’s by no means an easy proposition. We look at the skills you’ll need to tackle this classic route. Slicing across the face of Pavey Ark in the Langdale Pikes, Jack’s Rake is one of the Lake District’s most tempting littleContinue reading “Jacks Rake Scramble”

Llech Ddu Spur Scramble

A stunning Grade 1 scramble in Snowdonia that most people have never even heard of? It sounds too good to be true – but the Llech Ddu Spur really does live up to its billing. Llech Ddu, has all the making of a modern classic with one added bonus: hardly anyone has heard of it.Continue reading “Llech Ddu Spur Scramble”