Wreck Hunting Payoff!

Well what a week, it started with the hunt for an elusive wreck.. the marks we had took us to a reef but we’ve not been able to find the wreck. Today a group of like minded friends headed out a couple of hours with a mission to find the wreck. We shot the locationContinue reading “Wreck Hunting Payoff!”

Wreck Hunting Pembrokeshire…

Today a small group of friends headed out on Scavenger Dive Boat to search for an elusive wreck! We got the slack forecast spot on, dropped a shot on the mark and waited for the slack to arrive. Within 20mins it was slack and in we went. Diving down to nearly 40mtr, the current wasContinue reading “Wreck Hunting Pembrokeshire…”

Diving the LCg116 and the Caroline Wrecks

Today we headed out to the war grave wreck, LCG116. We arrived just before slacks and shotted the wreck. We dived 35mtrs to the seabed and the shot was across a very large anchor. We followed a gully away from the anchor shortly reaching the wreck. As I lifted over a rocky reef I wasContinue reading “Diving the LCg116 and the Caroline Wrecks”

Diving the LCG115 and Highland Home wreck in Pembrokeshire

We woke to a stunning day… suns out, skys blue and the sea is flat! We headed out this morning, three of us on board for some fun diving. I should of been running a chartwork and positioning course followed by a diver cox, however due to a COVID case, the students couldn’t make it,Continue reading “Diving the LCG115 and Highland Home wreck in Pembrokeshire”