Amazonense Wreck

The “Amazonense” was an iron screw steamer, built at Southampton in 1879, and of 1865t gross and powered by 170Hp engines. She was registered at Liverpool, and was owned by Mr. Robert Singlehurst of that city. She was commanded by Mr. Henry Holgate, had a crew of 35 hands, and carried one passenger and a generalContinue reading “Amazonense Wreck”

Diving the Caroline Wreck

The Caroline wreck is situated in Milford Haven, quite close to the Dakotian wreck. The wreck is quite a small wreck compared with the Dakotion. It was built in 1930, by n v Schps v/h Bonn & Mees, in Rotterdam. It had one boiler, a triple expansion engine of 84nhp, single shaft. She was hiredContinue reading “Diving the Caroline Wreck”