Dive Services has been Repurposed

Hi everyone, this is just an announcement about where we’re at with work and business just now.

2020 started off as a tough year for us, firstly we had major storms across the South West that disrupted our commercial diving and fishing work since December 2019. In addition to that we then had severe flooding in South Wales where I live which caused some damage to equipment due to our stores being swamped by dirty flood waters. Now with Covid19 and the effects of that on the country, we found it tough to sustain our original business model of a commercial diving and training business.

As such and having had a few weeks to think through in detail how to move forward, we are repurposing what we do and how we do it.

Moving forward, I have closed Dive Services as an independent operation with immediate effect. All work and any contracts are being honored and will be fulfilled by me.

The future is now focusing on me in a self-employed role – this allows more freedom to develop and take opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible within the confines of the company.

Moving forwards, I am going to be mixing all of the things I love doing into one business concept. You may have noticed a new website has gone up, Dive Services points to that for now, but over the next few months I will migrate everything into my personal domain which is simply www.MarkLewis.co

To spell out who I am and what I am going to do, I guess the easiest option is to describe in short detail the facts,

I am Mark Lewis, a Chartered Logistics Manager and Member of Institute of Logistics & Transport predominantly for organizing diving, marine and mountaineering expedition related activities, Fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Management for my leadership through the expeditions, time within the military and strategic leadership within businesses, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society for my mountaineering expeditions, a Member of the Institute of Engineering & Technology, a Member of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors, a BSAC Technical Diving Instructor & HSE Commercial Diver, and a CAT3 Boat Skipper.

I offer consultancy and training in the following;

  • Mountaineering Summer & Winter
  • Rock Climbing
  • Scrambling
  • Navigation Summer & Winter
  • Media Location Finding
  • Expeditions
  • Scuba Diving to 100mtr depths
  • Boat Handling & Operations
  • First Aid Training to First Aid at Work L3 and specialist environment adaptions
  • Health & Safety
  • Writing & Publishing Books
  • Commercial Diving
  • Hand Fishing

Therefore, if I can assist or help you in any way, please get in touch.

Mark Lewis – Skippering Scavenger around Lands End

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