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Nitrox Diver Course

Diving with Nitrox

Nitrox is a breathing gas that has a lot of benefits for both new and experienced divers. This course will cover the use of nitrox mixtures from 22 to 40 percent oxygen.

Night Diver Training

Night Diver Training

The purpose of this course is to acquaint the open water diver with the procedures, techniques, and potential hazards associated with diving at night, or in limited visibility.

Mark Lewis Diving & Mountaineering Instructor diving at Llyn Cwm Llwch in the Brecon Beacons

Bespoke Days

Want to get into the mountains to explore and reach new heights? Give me a shout and I’ll guide you and keep you safe…

Ice Diving in the Scottish Highlands

Diving England’s Highest Lake

I had a few clients who wanted to go and dive this lake, so I arranged a few days of mountaineering and diving to help acclimatize them to the mountains and diving in the mountains, prior to attempting Red Tarn.

Deep Diver Training Course

Deep Diver Training

The purpose of this course is to provide the necessary training to plan and execute dives that are beyond the depth range experienced during an SDI Open Water Scuba Diver course, specifically beyond 18 metres/60 feet and to a maximum depth of not greater than 40 metres/130 feet.

Drift Diver Course

Drift Diving

The SDI Drift Diver Course covers the “how-to’s” of drift diving from, how to enter and exit drifts, what to do if you get caught in a drift and wish to get out, how to get out of the drift to observe something special, and much more.

Divemaster Training Course

Divemaster Training

A divemaster (DM) is a role that includes organising and leading recreational dives, particularly in a professional capacity, and is a qualification used in many parts of the world in recreational scuba diving for a diver who has supervisory responsibility for a group of divers and as a dive guide.


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