Diving in the Skomer Marine Conservation Zone

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Today started off looking like pants especially since we were planning on Diving in the Skomer Marine Conservation Zone! The forecast was force 4, the swell was up to 3mtrs around St Ann’s Head, but not breaking, so we thought we’d give it a look.

It was a lumpy trip out to Skomer especially around St Ann’s, and also into Jack Sound, but overall it wasn’t too bad a trip out.

We arrived about 40mins before slack was due, had a chat with the Marine Conservation Zone guardians who were out patrolling in their Rib, and then we jumped in.

Everyone got down and had a great five, albeit the slack arrived for just ten minutes. One of the divers said that he got down and the current was going bow to stern. When he reached the stern it went slack. Halfway back up the wreck the current started going stern to bow! The inexplicable nature of the sea – and we’re just coming onto Neap tides, so interesting times.

Another pair dived on Rye rocks and said at 20mtrs it was calm and no current, but at 10mtrs it started racing.

Once I had everyone back on the boat, I changed our second dive for High Point in the East of the MCZ which had more slack and offered both depth if wanted as well as a lovely reef/wall dive.

The sun joined us in the afternoon and it turned into a lovely day. A late one back in to port arriving about 6pm, a busy evening was spent sorting out the boat ready for tomorrow’s adventures.

Another great day at sea. Stay safe and catch up soon 😀

If you’re interested in Diving in the Skomer Marine Conservation Zone, please get in touch with me or check out my courses.

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