Diving the Caroline Wreck

The Caroline wreck is situated in Milford Haven, quite close to the Dakotian wreck.

The wreck is quite a small wreck compared with the Dakotion. It was built in 1930, by n v Schps v/h Bonn & Mees, in Rotterdam. It had one boiler, a triple expansion engine of 84nhp, single shaft. She was hired by the RN from 1940, converted into a minesweeper and given a Dutch crew. However in 1941 she was sunk by a German mine.

The bow section is impressive and the back of the ship can be entered and swum through, exiting up through the bow section.

The CAROLINE was a steel trawler built by N. V. Schps V/h Bonn & Mees, Rotterdam in 1930 (Larn suggests 1937 for the date of build) and registered at Ijmuiden. Technical and configuration specifications at the time of build is given as 253gt, 93nt, screw propulsion provided by a single steam boiler and triple expansion engine producing 84hp. Sources also suggest that the trawler was named JOHANNA CAROLINE (Goddard: 118).

The CAROLINE had been hired by the Royal Navy in 1940 and converted into a minesweeper. The vessel had been provided with a Dutch crew and was undertaking a routine patrol when it detonated a German laid mine off Milford Haven, bearing 224 degrees, 13.6 cables from Great Castle Head, and sank. Three bodies were recovered, including the commanding officer Lt. J van Bueren Lensinck. These were later buried in Milford Haven cemetery. The aft section was moved to deeper water in April 1955 and dispersal of the remainder was undertaken by HMS STEEPLEHOLM with explosives in October 1955.

Here is a small video of a club diver Chris Hall on his club dive of the wreck. If you would like to learn to dive or learn to wreck dive, get in touch on 07534 387152 or use the link below;

HMT Caroline

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