Diving the LCG15 and Highland Home wreck in Pembrokeshire

We woke to a stunning day… sun was out, the skies were blue and the sea was flat, time to dive the LCG15 landing craft!

We headed out this morning, three of us on board for some fun diving. I should of been running a chartwork and positioning course followed by a diver cox, however due to a COVID case, the students couldn’t make it, hence we’re now having a few days diving.

The LCG15 is a landing craft that sank after colliding with another landing craft in poor weather. She sits in 37mtrs just outside Milford Haven. The full story is here.

We had a good 45minutes on this, exploring the wreck and the reef.

This was followed by a dive on the Highland Home wreck which is just half a mile away in 27mtrs. This was a lovely dive as it sits on white sand, full of life from squidgy stuff to large wrasse, bass, pollock and more.

The end of this dive and the current caught up with us as slacks ended, so we drifted off and enjoyed a pleasant ascent to the surface.

The history of the Highland Home, it is an iron sailing ship. It was built in 1886 and sunk in 1895.

The 1371-ton iron barque the Highland Home of Glasgow was under tow to the steam tug Warrior which could not stand the strain of the south-west gale that struck at 9pm on 10 November, 1895. The vessels were in Pembroke’s West Freshwater Bay, Highland Home being towed to London in ballast.
Huge seas built up very quickly, the hawser snapped suddenly and the crew of the tug saw her whirled away from them into the dark.
At 10pm, distress signals were seen by the coastguard at Angle, but the light suddenly disappeared, and the only sizeable trace of the Highland Home was her name board, which was washed ashore the next morning.

Wreckage of the barque, which had been built in 1886 by Ramage and Ferguson of Leith, was later found in Freshwater Bay, around Linney Head.

After surfacing we headed into port and sorted out the boat for tomorrow.

This evening we are chilled out at the marina with chilli cheese hotdogs and a couple of beers enjoying the weather.

Hope your days been good, stay safe and catch up soon.

If you’re interested in developing your diving skills, please get in touch with me or check out my courses.

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