Diving the SS Gobernador Bories

SS Gobernador Bories

SS Gobernador Bories served for some years as a whaling ship, until it was sold to the Admiralty as a blockship. To restrict access to Scapa Flow in both wars, old and damaged ships were scuttled in some of the entrances as deliberate obstructions to navigation. One of these block ships is the 2332 ton Gobernador Bories, built-in 1882 and scuttled in Burra Sound in 1915.

The Gobernador Bories sits on her keel at a depth of 17.3m in a setting of rocks and pure white sand. She has a list to starboard. With visibility at 15m, you can see large sections of the wreck. her bow and starboard side are virtually intact, and inside the water is calm. Amidst the vessel’s boilers lies a mass of tangled decking and struts a blaze of colour from marine life. The stern retains its original shape.

I love this wreck as it is shallow enough that you can spend a long time exploring it, the light penetrates deep so that you can see plenty of it, and in addition, there are some good swim-throughs and nooks and crannies to explore. I’ve even been able to feed fish there by hand.

Even though this wreck is in Scapa Flow, if you want to dive SS Gobernador Bories with me, or wrecks with me in the beautiful Pembrokeshire waters, feel free to join our dive club called BSAC Scavenger Dive Boat Club. Also, find us on Facebook here.

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