Diving with a Stage

The second day at Vobster Quay has been a good one whilst we develop diving with a Stage.

We started with the introduction of a decompression stage to enable the diver to accelerate their decompression penalty by using a richer oxygen mix, which in turn helps expel the Nitrogen from the body.

The dive went a bit Pete-tong as stress and pressure had got to the diver (self induced). So we finished the dive at about an hour and surfaced. Overall the dive wasn’t a bad one, but sometimes we let our mind play tricks on us, and then we spiral beating ourselves up about the how’s and whys of what we did in the dive. It’s not a unique thing, a friend of mine did this on his cave course, I did it a few years ago on my instructor course. What’s important is that we pick ourselves up from these experiences, learn from them and move on.

We discussed the dive in a constructive way, looking at the positives and had some food, drink and reset our minds with a bit of visualisation and mental preparation for the next dive.

We jumped in for the second dive, and it was like a different diver. Focused and delivered the skills and drills with ease, obviously room to develop, but so much better and with confidence whilst neutrally buoyant.

We ascended with no dsmb, no shot or references apart from each other. Excellent improvement and such a huge achievement for the diver who exited the water beaming and briming with confidence.

I was thanked for not task loading the student, so in the debrief we chatted through the skills we’d done. They were surprised to realise that we’d done all the required skills plus more during the dive.

A big part of diving for me is mental preparation and ensuring that I’m comfortable with the plan I’m about to do. If things start to go wrong, never be afraid to thumb a dive, courses are for training and developing a dive, so they’re the place to make mistakes and learn in a safe and controlled environment.

This evening I’m back at my favourite campsite Tuckers Grave Inn enjoying live Irish folk music, a real ale and the company of my two favourite people… Joshua and Laura.

Stay safe guys, hopefully, dive with you soon. 😊

If you’re interested in developing your diving with a Stage, please get in touch with me or check out my courses.

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