LAM Health and Safety Consultancy in conjunction with Mark Lewis Adventures, deliver Escape from height training, for specific Mechanically Elevated Work Platforms, wind turbines and any other item at a height that you may have to descend from in an emergency evacuation.

What’s it about?

This course will equip those attending with the necessary skills required to evacuate from a high structure, platform or equipment during an emergency. Operating from a safe area those attending are taught to connect the equipment to specified anchor points, then using simple user friendly escape equipment, they will be taught to descend to ground. Training is carried out using both dedicated self resuce descenders however, customer-specific requirements can be catered for, just ask us

Course Objectives & Content

  • Legislation and standards
  • Emergency procedures and equipment
  • Equipment characteristics and limitations
  • Equipment checking, care, storage, maintenance and disposal requirements
  • Equipment fitting and use
  • Anchor point checking and attachment
  • Practical escape drills


  • Health and safety at work act 1974
  • Working at height regulations 2005
  • BS 8437 COP for the selection, use and maintenance of fall protection systems and equipment for use in the work place
  • BS 8454 COP for delivery of training and education for work at height and rescue

The successful delegate will receive a certificate valid for 3 years as long as annual refreshers are contiuned. In addition, they will receive a ProTrainings certificate in Safety Harnesses.


Guided learning hours: 4

Total Qualification time: 5

Validity: 3 year with annual updates

Cost: £500 + vat for up to 5 learners

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