Fast Track Diving Pro Internship

If you love being in the water and being in the outdoors, then this intensive four months programme of Scuba Diving, with a blend of Mountaineering is specifically for you.

With one on one mentoring throughout, focusing on reflective learning and kinaesthetic learning, this opportunity is for anyone aged 18yrs or older.

My internship is a professional learning experience that offers meaningful, practical work related to furthering a career in. As a quality internship it consists of a part-time work schedule that includes no more than 25% clerical or administrative duties.

The internships are self funded, so in the first instance you will receive no income from the internship, but you will receive relevant professional qualifications and experience. It will cost you about £3000 initially. Once you reach the minimum qualifications and experience to evolve into working as part of our dive team, you will get paid and could earn your investment back.

The internships are as long as you require, so for some people they may join us for one day a week and spend a year with us developing themselves and gaining their qualifications, for other people they join us full time and within a month are at a standard that allows them to be earning, the more you put in, the more you get out.

If you have no previous diving experience, then its going to take a lot more effort from you than someone who already has a diving qualification.

By the end of the internship, I would expect you to be an entry level commercial diver, first aid qualified, qualified boat handler plus more.

How I work it is on a contract basis, as in we would have a written agreement between us about your internship where everything relevant is covered so we both know our obligations prior to beginning the internships, including costs and provisions so that there is no hidden costs or pitfalls along the way.

For more information on this Intro to Commercial Diving check out my webinars about this training.

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