First Aid Training in Milton Keynes

I’ve just finished teaching an Emergency First Aid at Work course for Pragmatic Consulting in Milton Keynes. This is my second First Aid course this week.

It was a good day helping develop some Engineers working on the Bicester to Bletchley new Railway line.

Even though I don’t know much about railway engineering, I do know about first aid and dealing with injuries and incidents. As such, mixed with my military engineering background, I can make the training relevant and specific to the types of injuries that they may encounter.

Interestingly this week I was teaching first aid in a flooded quarry in the Lake District. So being in a classroom teaching was great 😊

The day completed now sees me heading west ready for a weekend teaching Deco Procedures at Vobster Quay inland diving centre.

Hopefully you’ve had a productive day, stay safe.

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