Gower Hike from Three Cliffs to Worms Head

Three Cliffs Bay on the Gower Peninsular

This a fantastic walk around the south and west Gower coastline. If you aim to complete this walk so that you arrive at Worm’s Head from Burry Holmes at sunset the views are out of this world. This is about 6miles and will take approximately 3hrs.

This walk is a coastal walk and you will walk across beaches, cliffs, meadows and fields. Be aware of the tides and check the tide tables prior to doing this walk as you do not wish to be caught out on a beach or on the Worms Head causeway. Good stout footwear will be beneficial.

If you park at Three cliffs bay (Sat Nav SA3 2HB), follow the route to the beach and follow the beach with the sea staying at your left. If you time the tides right it is possible to walk from Three Cliffs to Oxwich on the beach, taking in Tor Bay and Nicholaston. If you’re not sure follow the cliff top paths.

Paths are all well way marked and route finding is a pretty straightforward – just keep the sea on your left and take care on the cliff paths – they will probably be empty at this time of year. The beaches are near perfect with vertical Limestone cliffs dropping onto clean sand and dunes.

There are many variations to this route. You can cut out the coastal route at Oxwich and pass the Oxwich Castle.

Rounding Burry Holmes in the evening is the best part of the walk. The view to Worm’s Head is amazing.

From Worms Head follow the coastline along to Rhossilli.

If you wish to extend the walk feel free to walk onto Rhossili Down and along the way look out for at least fourteen Bronze Age cairns that have been discovered on Rhossili Down. One of the most easily to recognise is very near to the trig point at the top of the Down. Most of the cairns have been plundered for the things that they contained. The Bronze Age people buried their dead in single graves with tools and things that they might have found useful in an afterlife.

The Bronze Age people are the ones that were responsible for moving the blue stones from Preseli (the most Westerly Welsh mountain range that can be seen from Rhossili) to Stonehenge.

As you walk into Rhossili carpark enjoy a refreshing drink in the Worms Head Inn and watch the sun set fully.

To get back to your car catch the bus 118 from Rhosilli to Penmaen Church, Three Cliffs.

If you wish to join me on a guided walk or to do some mountaineering, please get in touch on 07534 387152 or using the links below;

Worms Head Gower from the Sea
Worms Head Gower from the Sea

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