Hodge Close Diving, and an Evening Bimble in Dalegarth Bridge Gorge

Today we’ve been in Hodge Close quarry doing rescue skills and scenarios.

We ran several different scenarios including lost diver, controlled buoyant lift, diver cramps, basic life support, alternative source assents, treating DCI, recovering injured divers out of the quarry via a rope assisted climb and much more.

Overall it was a great day, full of learning experience and opportunities. Massive thanks to the team that helped make it happen; Dan Higgins’s, Mark Hampson, Chris Bates and Liam Gill, plus two gorge Scramblers Huss and Dave.

This meant a successful tick in the box for Liam who achieved his BSAC Advanced Diver rescue skill scenario, a step closer to achieving his Advanced ticket, the highest diver level in BSAC.

If you’re interested in developing your diving skills, please get in touch with me or check out my courses.

This done, myself and Dan drove to Dalegarth on the river Esk, found a small flooded gorge that a local gent we’d met in the pub told us about.

Donned in our wetsuits and single setups, we jumped in. It was fresh but really nice. Crystal clear water, vis maybe 20mtr, max depth 4.1mtr… a stunning end to the day.

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