Ice Diving Training Feb 2022

Despite the milder conditions we have experienced at the start of 2022 we headed to Scotland to run a combined Ice and Altitude diving training week. There are several Lochs that we use to carry out the diving, depending on need.

Ice diving is a spectacular experience and one that if you were able to participate in would broaden your diving skill base, and allow you to experience the underwater world from a whole new perspective.

Diving is a type of overhead environment therefore it’s important to have the correct training and skillset to carry it out safely and competently. Attending this course will give you those skills. In advance of the course, there is some eLearning to complete that will teach you the theory, the equipment, raise awareness of issues associated with ice diving and cold-related illnesses.

I have 6 spaces left for Ice Diving Training for February 2022 – 2 on Saturday 12th, and 4 on Sunday 13th. Come as an individual or as a buddy pair, whatever works for you. Group discounts for more than two people.

To book your place on this awesome course, follow this link.

To see a report from our 2021 Ice diving training, check out this page.

Here are some pictures from our January training;

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