Inspiring People Through a Pandemic

It’s interesting when things get tough, which currently they are for most people in various guises, how the known social leaders often disappear into their own bubbles in an effort to survive it.

Predominantly we find that social media champions in pre-covid19 life were constantly twitting, commenting, promoting and making sure that they were seen in the spotlight. Now, for some of them, they have vanished.

This can be for many reasons, however, for the most part, they thrive being in the public eye, and that’s what motivates them and drives them. However, in the midst of the pandemic, most people haven’t got an interest in buying stuff for the sake of stuff or seeing what the next social media celebrity is doing – predominantly because we’re all focused on getting through this.

In the same vein, it’s fair to notice that several social media personalities excel when they are in the spotlight, but just now they’re not in the spotlight due to the new world environment of lock-down or essential services work that people are doing. So as much as in pre-covid they were the motivators and inspiration for some, now they are struggling like most other people, and to be fair, I’d suggest that for a lot of them this is a mentally tough experience.

So who is currently inspiring us, or our kids, or our friends at the moment?

The reality is, it’s our neighbours, the people we would normally cursory wave to, or say a casual ‘hi’ to the street.

What I mean by this is that I didn’t know, but in my village, we have several medical people, some police officers, one of the guys runs the local garage, another runs the corner shop and all of these people have started evolving the way they do things. Granted, our medical staff and emergency services are doing a phenomenal job and deserve amazing credit and rewards for doing what they’re doing (my sister in law is a neonatal staff nurse and says – it’s just what we do). Ultimate respect for them all.

However, the people who are inspiring me through this pandemic are my local corner shop owner Richard. I never knew his name before, and I rarely popped in except for a pint of milk or similar. However, he has revamped his store now offering an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables that he has sourced from local farms and suppliers, he’s offering home deliveries and ensuring that the most vulnerable in our village are being taken care of.

I believe what this pandemic is showing us is that the real people who make a difference in our world are the people who care. It doesn’t matter in what role, but people who genuinely care about folks are the people who are inspiring me right now. They’re actually not looking for recognition or reward, just the opportunity to help someone else, despite the circumstances they may find themselves in.

Be an inspiration to someone, show people you care.

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