Living Waters Fishing Vessel

As part of my work I own and run a licensed fishing vessel called Living Waters. I bought her nearly two years ago and worked her hard until December 2019, with my crew Katrina plus others.

Some of you maybe aware that last December she broke her moorings in Falmouth and ended up broken on the rocks. Falmouth were not any use at all, refusing to secure her and letting her flounder on rocks, which resulted in myself and a mate Jared Brooks driving through the night to beat the turning tide to secure her. Once secured, we towed her to a storage yard with plans to repair and do her up. Then along came covid19 and she sat for six months waiting.

Eventually in August of this year I managed to get her to her new home in Milford Haven and started the job of getting her repaired.

Laura, my son Joshua and myself gutted her, scrubbed her, scraped her and started repainting her.

This past week my normal work of running some Trimix diving was postponed due to crazy weather, so Miles Preece (new crew) and I have been working intensively on her.

She’s now been rewired, had a new gearbox, her engine serviced, new starter and alternator, lots of other smaller things done and she’s beginning to look good again. Still aways to go, but she’s coming together.

I’m looking forward to seeing her back in the water, and to start hand fishing again. We predominantly use her for sustainable hand fishing for scallops and urchin. I’ll be adding details about her through my blog as we fish her.

For more information about my sustainable fishing please check out my page about her.

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