Llyn Tegid Hiking Circuit

Llyn Tegid Beach

This is a lovely afternoons walk, for some peace and solitude or just for a ramble. It leads along the southern hills above Llyn Tegid. This will be approximately 4hrs.

From the village (Sat Nav LL23 7DD) – go through the village eastwards, over the river bridge. Follow the road for half a mile or so, looking for a public footpath sign on the right. Follow the sign up the hill that leads behind the farm sheds.

Beyond the farmyard, cross a stile on the left,  cross the field and walk to a 90 degree bend in the track. Follow the track to the right onto the farm track for a while. When you see a track leading off this track, up a hill to the right follow it through the farmyard, following the path left, towards the oak trees until you see a waymarker directing you down to the river on your right. Follow the path across the footbridge passing the farmhouse on your left. Continue to the right through the trees to the forest road. Go left and cross the bridge onto a country road. Follow the road to the left for a while. Once you have passed the woods, follow the track to the right and behind Pant yr Onen house, and follow the path up through the trees.

In a while you will reach a stile on your left. Go over the stile and follow the path over a footbridge and follow the path leading towards Bryniau Goleu hill. Follow the path up Bryniau Goleu until you reach a stile on the top.

From the stile, follow the track down to the left until you reach a country road. Follow the road down to the left for a few yards, and then follow the public footpath down to the right through the bracken. Follow the path that leads between Beudy Graienyn and Ffridd Goed, and then past Graienyn. You will shortly arrive at the Bala Lake Hotel.

Follow the public footpath to the road, past a converted barn on your left, keep an eye out for a gate which is out of sight in the hedge on the left. Go through the gate and follow the path over two fields. Go through the black gate and over the Railway bridge, and down to the platform.

Catch the train along the side of the lake, back to the start of the walk.

If you would like to join me for some walking or mountaineering please get in touch on 07534 387152 or using the links here;

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