Local Walking – Cilfynydd

As a mountaineering Instructor, I’ve had the privilege of spending a lot of time in the mountains. Some of this time has been spent in the Himalayas, the Karakorum, Antarctica plus other places. However, some of my favorite walking is actually right on my doorstep.

There are three fantastic walks straight out of my house and around the village that I live in, and suitable for anyone, just depending on the mood you’re in at the time. The first route heads straight up the mountain behind the house, a good slog uphill, gaining 1000ft in half an hour, so a bit pumpy on the legs, but achievable by most with a bit of effort. Once you’ve got over the slog, you’re high on the Twyn-y-Gwynt.

The view from up here is amazing, right down the valley to Cardiff and the River Severn, in one direction the Cynon valley towards Aberdare, the other direction you can see Pen Y Fan, South Wales highest mountain in the Brecon Beacons, and in the other direction across Caerphilly towards Gwent. An amazing panoramic view.

This route then loops back around and into the village.

Another of my favorites is north of the village onto the old coal tips, scrambling through them and away across the ridge-line towards Abercynon, another lovely walk overlooking the valleys.

The final walk around Cilfynydd is down to Trallwn and join the Taff trail, following that along the River Taff northwards popping back into the village at the rear of Pontyprodd High school. Often getting to see birds dancing the in river, fish sometimes breaking the surface for a fly or two, an abundance of dragonflies, and some lovely wild flora and fauna.

Each of those walks is about four kilometres in length and can be done in a casual hour or two.

However, if you combine all three into one large circular walk, that makes for a great days hiking and gives your body a good workout and you get to see all the beauty that the village has to offer.

If you want to join me on a guided walk sometime, just get in touch.

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