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Selina Cheng Media Diver

Selina Cheng is a friend of mine, who has worked on some of my commercial projects and is part of my commercial dive team. She was a professional freelance photographer for over 15 years before she ventured into the underwater world to become a scuba diver.  She is now a HSE SCUBA commercial diver as well as an OWSI Padi & EFR Instructor. 

Over recent years she has been working as a full time scuba diver and has taken her existing photography skills along with her to specialise as an underwater photographer and more recently as a videographer. 

Combined with her fondness for adventure and a great lover of the ocean, learning to sail was always the next step on the agenda. Marine conservation, sustainability and ocean awareness has also become important to her too.  Selina has joined the crew of the Severn Seas Adventure which is launching in 2021.

Whilst working in Sardinia she got involved with a media production. Here’s her blog from it;

In September 2017, Millstreet Films, a Dutch production company, was shooting a TV series in Porto Rontondo, Sardina ~ NIEUWE BUREN 4 / The Neighbours.

Having worked the summer there as a divemaster I was initially hired as a safety diver for production during the location days on the water and for underwater scenes.

Due to my background as a photographer I was also commissioned to photography behind the scenes for PR and an article to be published in Veronica Magazine later the following year when the new series launched.

My involvement included doing a refresher for the lead cameraman, Jacco Van Ree and getting him prepared for filming underwater. On the actual day of the underwater scenes, I was then promoted to underwater camera assistant to aid Jacco during the filming as there was no TV crew member qualified to do so.

If you are looking for media divers, please get in touch on 07543 387152 or drop me a message on my email.

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