Mooring Inspection & Maintenance

Mooring Works - temporary and Permanent within a harbour

We carry out the deployment of specialist buoys for meteorological monitoring, yacht moorings, navigational marks and ships moorings.

We carry out buoy maintenance and mooring inspection, installation and maintenance work for a number of companies and organisations around the UK coast. A good mooring may well last for an extremely long time, however the rate of corrosion and decay of the mooring can be increased by several factors – usually materials of poor quality or which are inappropriate for the purpose.

Moorings will vary – depending on the purpose of the mooring, the size (and weight) of the object the mooring is intended for as well as the individual object’s susceptibility to being blown by the wind, as well as the depth and rise and fall of the tide in the mooring’s intended location. Shackles used in a mooring are naturally larger than the chain it is being used on.

We are experienced at mooring inspections and maintenance, and we are realistically and reasonably priced.

As part of your mooring inspection we provide you with a written report and video footage of the state of your mooring and showing you the difference prior to our work to after our work.

Included in the inspection is checking and monitoring the following where applicable;

  • Mooring Block
  • Shackle – Mooring Block Eye to Ground Chain
  • Ground Chain
  • Shackle – Ground Chain to Scrub Chain
  • Scrub Chain
  • Shackle – Scrub Chain to Riser Chain
  • Riser Chain
  • Shackle – Riser Chain to Swivel
  • Swivel (optional) but Highly Recommended 
  • Shackle – Swivel to Top Riser Chain
  • Shackle –  Top Riser selected link to Sacrificial Load bearing underwater buoy if Required
  • Weight/Load Bearing Surface Buoy
  • Shackle – Top Riser Chain to vessel Pick-up buoy
  • Pick-Up Buoy
  • Sacrificial Weight/Load Bearing Buoy
Example of a mooring for upto 10mtr vessel – dependant on vessel weight

If you would like to discuss your mooring works, please get in touch on 07534 387152 or drop me an email.

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