Nash Point Cliff Top Circular Walk

A circular walk of 4.5 miles to and from the lighthouses at Nash Point. The going is flat and easy although the cliff-tops can be muddy after rain. Be careful not to go too close to the cliff edge and check the tides if you intend to walk along the beach.

Aim for the small white building at the beginning on the Nash Point car park (sat Nav CF61 1ZH). To the right of this is a barrier – take the stony path here which descends into the valley heading away from the sea. At the bottom you come to a sign saying Nature Trail straight on and Coastal Path to the left. Go straight ahead towards the trees crossing a stream which we shall cross several times.

Cross the stream and follow the yellow waymark sign to the left. Go down wooden steps. and then climb through the nature reserve. At a fenced-off area, drop down the steps and over a wooden bridge. A few yards beyond this go onto the road and turn left. Follow the road past the Marcross Church on the left and the Horseshoe Inn.

Turn right at the inn and follow the road. Just past Marcross Court turn right. After a barn turn right and head through the gate following the stony path into the trees. Where the path diverges go to the left, eventually emerging with battlements of St Donats Castle ahead at a junction with other paths.

The path passes accommodation blocks, then aims for metal gates which mark the exit from St Donats. Go onto the road in the same direction and on the right side of the road at a lay-by look out for a kissing-gate set in the wall.

Go through the kissing-gate and head along the right edge of the fields. Go through a small wooden gate and emerge onto the cliff top, go right, crossing a stile and carry on along the cliff-top with the sea on your left. Where the path forks go to the right following the arrow indicating Coastal Path. The path skirts a field with clear views to St Donats and then goes back into the trees. Descend, ignoring other paths to left and right, to emerge onto the large concreted area in front of St Donats on the edge of the beach. Go straight ahead to cross the slipway and then take the path ascending into the trees. The main path runs parallel with the sea, cross a stone stile to emerge onto the cliff-top with the top of Nash Point lighthouse visible in the distance. Walk to the Light houses where we started.

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