Pembroke Scallops

Living Waters - Pembrokeshire Scallop Boat

I started scallop diving a few years ago, mainly by accident as I was working in Scotland and the commercial dive team I was working with did scalloping when they were not doing other types of diving.

When I started I wasn’t so good at spotting them so would complete a dive and not have a lot to show for it. However as time has rolled on I’ve developed an eye for it and can spot the scallops easier now, although they are quite elusive and great at camouflage.

I guess the reason I got into it was to try and make a living from diving when the normal dive instruction work and mountaineering stuff dries up, or quietens. It’s different from teaching as usually it’s just me and the sea, peaceful and chilled out exploring the sea in search of the sustainable scallop.

Since getting into it I’ve seen the other ways that Scallops are harvested and it makes me sad to see the destruction caused by dredging, predominantly as its non discriminatory and even though the scallop dredge bags have holes in them designed to let out undersized scallops, it doesn’t let out other creatures that may get caught in it, and rakes the seabed often removing the majority of the marine flora.

So I scallop dive as a sustainable way of fishing, to provide an ethical and sustainable product to the market, that I know its source and know that its gone from source to plate within a few hours, virtually no food miles.

My fishing boat is small and compact, low carbon emissions, costing about £5 a day for an eight hours day at sea, comfortably taking three people out, two divers and a crew – a very sustainable and cost effective way of fishing.

I bought the boat in Scotland and transported it home. For its first year we fished from Brixham and then we moved to Falmouth. For the 2020 season we relocated her to Pembrokeshire as its closer to home for me, and Welsh Hand Dived Scallops are in my opinion the best.

If you’d be interested in knowing more about the hand diving and fishing that I do, please get in touch, and if you would be interested in doing some hand diving with me, also get in touch.

To be a hand scallop diver, you need to be at least a Divemaster, hold a dive medical and a sea survival certificate. You don’t have to do it full time, part time works as well – we’re often out of the water for a while due to poor weather, but when the weather is good, we get in and get on, so flexibility is key to the job. So if you’re interested just get in touch.

Get in touch on 07534 387152 or via my form here.

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