Revitalising and unwinding

Today it struck me that I was a little tightly strung and maybe a little stressed. So I made the conscious effort to unwind and relax.

It’s been a chilled out day, fun times and spending it with the people I love.

We’ve not done a lot… but what we’ve done has been fab.

I found out that a friend of mine whom I was diving with last weekend has been diagnosed with a life changing heart illness. On the back of the diagnosis he’s having to give up diving… something he’s been doing for 33 years as an instructor and for fun. It made me feel gutted for him, made me reflect on the fact that we’re so lucky to do what we do. But our lives are fragile, so grab it with both hands and live it to the full.

Lives not a rehearsal, I don’t want to look back and have regrets, so I try to live it to the max with the people I want to spend time with.

As I continue on this break, I’m going to enjoy it with the people I love… make sure you spend time doing what’s important to you, with the people you love.

Have an epic day and live it!

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