Scavenger Dive Boat Maintenance Day2

Another long day applying some TLC to the boat, carried by Joshua and Ed, with a remote working Andy.

A second coat of base paint was applied to the entire boat, so she’s looking rather dapper.

Joshua sanded down the wheelhouse then sealed it, labelled up our new life rings and assisted Ed and I with the electrics and windscreen wipers.

Ed pretty much rewired the electrics in the Wheelhouse, got our new air horn working, fixed a faulty navigation lights, fault found a dodgy connection for the GPS and made things work.

Andy fabricated some awesome bits and pieces… I think the word was ‘wasnims’ 😂

I spent part of the day arguing with a french company as to why my delivery hadn’t arrived, despite them saying it was arrived. Turns out it hadn’t even left their warehouse. So that got cancelled and I had to reorder 10 new life jackets – which will arrive tomorrow. And I painted myself as much as the boat.

At one point Joshua and I borrowed Andy’s tender, rowed it to Scavenger, which is quite a distance across the marina, fitted new name and port stickers on the boat, then rowed back… that was interesting 😆

Great help from Windjammer marine based here in Milford Haven, just lots of little things but it all helps.

It’s been a stunning day, blazing sun, great to be outdoors, always helps when we’re having fun as well.

This evening we’re chilling and having a relaxing evening before we’re straight back to it tomorrow.

Stay safe and catch up soon.

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