Scavenger Dive Boat Maintenance

An early start saw me in Pembrokeshire by just after 9am. A quick catch up with the team at LGS in Neyland saw a new Cat C first Aid kit acquired for the boat along with some discussion about a new Liferaft cradle.

That done and I headed to the marina to pick up a load of deliveries for the boat, including 27mtr of steel to upgrade the railings around the boat.

The weather was shocking with big winds and torrential rain, not a day to be out at sea.

Following this I had a meeting with BOC about a new medical o2 account for the boat so that we have an on demand supply in the event of an emergency at sea.

That done, I headed up the motorway to Milton Keynes ready to deliver an emergency first Aid at work course tomorrow.

All in all a good day 😊

Hope your days been a belter!

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