Sustainable Fishing in Pembrokeshire

As a big believer in sustainable fisheries and ensuring that we can catch what we need and leave the fisheries healthy for future catches, I used to run a hand diving fishing boat carrying out Sustainable Fishing in Pembrokeshire.

She was a small compact 5.6mtr Dell Quay fishing boat, based in Pembrokeshire.

Predominantly we caught Scallops and Sea Urchins (for their Roe known as Uni). In order to ensure sustainable growth of the product, I consult with colleagues within Natural Resources Wales to ensure that areas we were catching in can firstly sustain the catch but secondly is not within a marine conservation area.

By Sustainable Fishing in Pembrokeshire, it meant that we caught our products by diving for the catch and then catching them by hand, placing them into a catch net and then bringing them to the surface. This resulted in zero bycatch and zero damage to the seabed.

I believe that it makes for a better product for the consumer and is better for the planet.

If you’re interested in knowing more about this please get in touch on 07534 387152.

Hand Diving for Scallops
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